Sunday, 27 April 2008

TNA iMPACT Review - Thursday 24th April 2008

After a hectic week last week on iMPACT I was looking forward to see what was going to happen this week and if it could be just as crazy.

Good Points

Improvements to Sacrifice

Thankfully TNA have seen sense and done what we expected them to and made the title match at Sacrifice a triple threat adding Kurt Angle to the Steiner, Samoa Joe match. They spent a good amount of time on iMPACT building all three guys and having Steiner interfere in the Angle vs. Samoa Joe match was the right move.

Knockouts are interesting again

After some dull weeks before Lockdown TNA are back on a roll with this division with good matches and adding an interesting stipulation to the Knockouts match at Sacrifice which is going to see on Knockout getting their head shaved. This is the first I have heard of something like this happening in a women’s match and after the Britney Spears head shaving incident I think this will get some media attention.

Karen Angle

Good to see her storyline continuing. They need to devote more time to it but what we did see with her and AJ was great. After Angle’s programme with Joe ends it will be good to have the Karen and AJ storyline simmering under to give him something different to do.

Bad Points

Use of Matt Morgan

The show kicked off with Matt Morgan to continue his push by beating on Kip James to open the show. Then he was nowhere to be seen. After his recent push they need to build him in to a good feud for Sacrifice.

Too much Cornette

I love Cornette and have done for years but I think he is overused. It seems every segment ends in a squabble that Cornette has to come out to settle. If Cornette only came out for the big moments it would make his character more important and add gravitas to what was happening.

Christian Cage back down the card

Cage’s slump down the card continues with him being booked in the tag division with Rhino. Now both guy are great but it just seems like these guys have been whacked together as they don’t know what to do with them which is never a good reason to put a storyline together.


If TNA come manage their talent a bit better they would have an awesome two hour weekly show. The storyline development rate is good and there is enough happening each show to keep the viewer entertained now if they put the right guys in the right positions they will be away.

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